OUR GuArantee & Maintenance

10 years on framing materials and fitting.

10 years on sealed units glazed into PVC (Sealed units with internal blinds are guaranteed for 5 years)

5 years on sealed units glazed into Aluminum or Hardwood.

5 years for moving parts/fixtures and fittings, which includes:

  • Handles

  • Locks

  • Hinges

  • Trickle vents

  • Patio/bifold door wheels

  • Springs on Vertical sliding windows

How to take care of your new double glazing.

It is very important to look after your new products, here are some tips on how to keep everything looking good and working like new:

1) Keep your products clean: PVCu and aluminium products will only need a wipe with soapy water every now and again but be sure to clean out where the hinges are as grit and dirt will stop these from working and could result in these needing to be changed which would be at cost to you. Hradwood will just need a damp cloth.

2) Keep everything locked: one of the main issues we here about are drafts and items not shutting properly because they have been left open, make sure all windows are closed properly with the handle in the locked position, doors always need to be closed with the handle lifted then key turned when going to bed or going out for the day, the door is not locked when the door is just pushed closed(if you have a slamshut lock you will only need to turn the key to lock bolts in place)

3) Lubricate moving parts: we have a range of products in our shop you can buy to keep everything moving, silicon spray/light oil is great for all moving parts this should be done at least twice a year on all moving parts (hinges, handles, locks etc)

4) Service Calls: If you find a problem with your product please make sure you call us straight away, the longer a problem is left the harder it is to fix, all you have to do to arrange a service call is call 01737 644011 and then ask for the Installations Manager, you will need to provide us with your job reference number which can be found on your invoice or guarantee certificate.