Unlike more traditional alternatives, Liniar’s range of uPVC decking doesn’t rot and never requires regular maintenance – simply clean occasionally with warm soap water.

The uPVC system contains waterproofing properties and the decking is manufactured with an anti-slip tread for additional safety, particularly when the surface is wet. The decking is constructed onto a galvanised steel sub-frame, which offers greater strength and durability than more traditional materials.

Additionally, our uPVC components carry a Class 1 Y fire rating for surface spread of fire. Either steps or ramps can be incorporated into most designs, providing an attractive, personalised entrance or easy access for those with mobility difficulties.

The low maintenance Liniar range has been carefully crafted, not only to add real value, functionality and style, but also to meet the strictest environmental legislation. The whole system uses recycled materials wherever possible and is completely lead-free, making it better for the environment and better for you and your family.

You no longer have lead in your petrol or paint, so why choose to have windows and doors containing lead?



The Liniar system has been tested for strength by loading a 2m x 2m deck with a total weight of 1,250kg (1.25 tons). This represented a loading of 521kg per square metre. The load applied was left for two days on three different deck samples, resulting in no signs of bowing, wear or strain on any of the decks – evidence of just how strong the system really is.

Each bottom rail is supported by galvanised steel reinforcement, giving a strong, secure balustrade, which offers more fire resistance than traditional materials to Class 1.

Liniar’s ramps are built using the same strong and sturdy sub-frame and deckboards, so they will easily take the weight of a mobility scooter.


Balustrades & Post Caps

Liniar balustrading is designed to perfectly complement your decking installation, providing a strong and secure finish in a wide range of options.

The low-maintenance Liniar uPVC balustrade system is unique, as it’s the only fully-sculptured system available in the UK. Its top handrail, bottom rail and vertical pickets are all designed with the same curved surface, perfectly complementing the overall stylish appearance of your deck.

Each bottom rail is reinforced with galvanised steel, resulting in supreme strength and security for your decking installation. Furthermore, the uPVC materials used in Liniar balustrade offer better resistance to fire than other decking materials, achieving Class 1 Fire Safety accreditation for additional peace of mind.

Traditional or contemporary

Liniar’s balustrade comes in a wide choice of options and styles, with white, cream or beige flat finishes or beautifully coloured woodgrain-effect foils. The range can offer a traditional or contemporary appearance, depending upon your choices.

Not only are the foil finishes fitted at Liniar’s own factory, they offer a low maintenance surface, are colourfast and guaranteed for up to 10 years. Choose from Liniar’s square or sculptured shaped pickets in between the top and bottom rails – or even add glass pickets to give your decking area a truly contemporary appearance.

Alternatively, full glass panels add a touch of class to any deck.

Post Caps & Lights

Liniar’s post caps provide an attractive finish to each post – and if your balustrading is foiled with one of Liniar’s precision factory-fitted coloured foils, you’ll be delighted to know the caps are also foiled for a perfectly matching , high quality appearance.