Cost Effective, luxurious extensions of your living space, that stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whatever your visual preferences, Loggia will more than measure up to your expectations.

Loggia is a unique building concept that creates beautiful extensions with revolutionary engineering, that harmonise perfectly with any home design. The addition of a Loggia extension will improve the value of your home significantly more than a traditional conservatory, making it a sound financial investment too.

It combines elements of light and sky with the solidity of corner columns possessing real inner core strength, plus internal plastered walls and ceilings, to create a ‘real room’ feel. (Just like having a new extension, but at a fraction of the cost).

Its advanced roof and window glazing possesses excellent U-values, making it warmer and cosier in the winter (at typically half the cost of heating a conventional conservatory) and cooler in the summer, so you can use your Loggia all year round.

And even the amount of light and sky you’ll enjoy is down to you - to create the room of your dreams, you can choose from floor to ceiling glazing panels, or windows combined with low walls.

You’ll also find that because of its ingenious construction, your Loggia can be built within a much shorter timeframe than you might expect, with no compromise on quality.


You can choose from a distinctive Loggia colour palette of classic white, landmark green, pure cream, and urban grey to complement or contrast with your existing colour scheme.


Choose from a simple elegant cladding infill or select the fluted infill for additional embellishment and more refined finish.


Depending on the look you choose, your columns can be full height or sit on a low wall. They’ll be a striking feature of your front corners but could also be situated at the rear corners, against the wall of your home or even in between frames on each side of door openings. The choice is yours.


Upgrading from Prestige insulating pelmet to LivinRoom will vastly improve the thermal properties of your Loggia and totally transform the internal look and feel, combining the light and sky of a conservatory with walls and ceiling of an extension.



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Combining the very best of British building excellence with a generous helping of Italian inspiration, Loggia is, quite simply, a revelation. A unique building concept that exceeds expectations and totally redefines the conservatory