AT MERSTHAM GLASS WE offer a complete Service for all types of Window Films

We can supply Energy Conservation and CO2 reduction, Solar Control, Privacy to Bomb Blast Protection, manufactured Roller, Venetian and Vertical Blinds manual and electrical together with standard DDA Manifestation to the latest digitally printed Manifestation for glazing and wall graphics.

Energy Saving

Cuts the cost of cooling and heating the workspace with full project paybacks within 1 – 3 years

Heat Reducing

Makes the working more comfortable and improves efficiency

Glare Reducing

Decreases eye strain and glare on workstation

Bomb Blast

Protects people and property from the devastating effect of broken glass after an explosion


Stop vision but allow natural light in


Upgrade existing glass to the latest standards and deter forced entry

Fade Reducing

To protect valuable works of art etc


Combats listening bugs and laser microphones stealing covertly sensitive and valuable information.

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