The allure and appeal of real wood and timber frames at a home are obvious, but there are many reasons why property owners would decide against real timber frames. It used to be that the alternative to real frames were not too attractive and would look out of place at many homes but this is no longer the case. At Merstham Glass, we are delighted to say that we have a wide range of stylish and alternative windows which means that you have full control over the style of your property.

This is an alternative that will save you money

While many homeowners would love to have traditional window frames at their property, the cost of doing so is prohibitive. This is why the new range of timber alternative options is of great benefit to most home owners. If you want to style your home in a certain manner but would prefer to do so at an affordable price and rate, you’ll find that we have the best product range for you to choose from. When it comes to finding the best standard of timber alternative windows Reigate has to offer, we have everything you could want or need.

This is an energy efficient solution

One great reason for considering the range of alternative frames comes with the fact that these modern frames are also very energy efficient. Homeowners should be looking for options that combine fashion with functionality and conserving energy at home is a top priority for most people. If you want to ensure your home is effectively insulated, saving you money while helping the environment, you’ll find that the timber alternative options will help you achieve all of your property aims.

You can install these frames in a conservation area

A very pleasing aspect about the range of alternative to timber products comes with the fact that they can be installed in conversation areas. Many property owners have found their upgrade or improvement plans have been halted due to the need to maintain a certain style or look at their home. In some cases, this has negatively impacted on the feel and comfort of the home. However, with this range of frames, it is possible to upgrade a home while still maintaining its charm and elegance, which means homeowners can upgrade with confidence.

You can rely on Merstham Glass because:

·         We provide the widest selection of frames and windows

·         We look to provide value for money at all times

·         We are well respected in the local community

·         We have a team of highly experienced installers

·         We can help you improve the value of your home

·         We can help you to save money

When it comes to making the most of your home, it is good to have options, and these alternative windows and frames are exactly what you are looking for from Merstham Glass.